Advanced Age

Advanced Age

With more and more couples delaying parenthood; advanced age has become a topic of conversation infertility treatments. There is declining fertility with advancing age, especially after 35 years of age. Also, there is a greater risk of complications during pregnancy after 35.

  1. Why does fertility decline as age advances?
    There is a decline in fertility with advancing age because of many factors. A woman is born with a fixed number of oocytes which decline with each menstrual cycle. So as the age advances, there is a decline in the number of eggs which are present. Also, there is a decline in the quality of the eggs which we have. As the women cross 35, more and more abnormal oocytes are formed. Thirdly, there is a factor of smoking, environmental toxins and any previous ovarian surgery which can hasten the process of advanced age. So with increased age, we will see a decline in both the quality as well as the number of eggs.
  2. What is fecundity?
    Fecundity is your chance of conceiving in one menstrual cycle. There is a steep decline in fecundity as the women cross more than 37years of age. So, the chances of conceiving spontaneously after 37yeras of age decrease with each menstrual cycle, so she might require more time to get pregnant compared to women who are 22 or 23 years of age.
  3. What should you do if you are more than 35years of age and trying to conceive?
    It is a good idea to see a doctor after trying to conceive for more than six months. Don’t delay your treatment because your time window to try naturally is low here. It is always better to see a fertility specialist rather than a gynecologist. An IVF specialist knows in detail both the quality as well as the quantity of the eggs and will give you the correct opinion.

What are my treatment options?

The treatment options will depend upon the duration of infertility as well as your age. As the duration of infertility increases and the age advances, the chances of getting more aggressive like IVF, ICSI or even donor eggs might be required; but to prevent these conditions, it is always better to see a doctor sooner because if you are approximately 35 years to 37 years of age ovarian stimulation with intrauterine simulation can also give you good pregnancy rates.

Whom should you consult?

It’s always better to see a fertility specialist and IVF specialist have an in-depth discussion about your fertility treatment. Dr. Prerna Gupta is known for her high pregnancy rates in patients with advanced age.