Fallopian Tube Block/Tubal Block

Fallopian Tube Block

For normal conception to happen, eggs need to be fertilized by sperms, this happens in fallopian tubes. Fallopian tubes are tube like structure with ends spread out in the form of fimbriae. They are lined by hair like ciliae which help in moving eggs from the ovary toward uterus while moving sperms from the uterus towards egg in the fallopian tube. Hence their normal functioning is essential; for conception. Any damage to the tubes and normal conception will be difficult to occur

Why does tubal blockage happen?

There can be multiple reasons for tubal block. The most common reasons for fallopian tubes blockage is :

  1. Pelvic Inflammatory disease : Any past infection of the upper genital tract or previous silent Chlamydia infections might result in damage to fallopian tubes
  2. Tuberculosis : T.B. is one of the most common reason for tubal infertility in Indian population.
  3. Adhesions due to surgery: Previous surgeries might result in adhesion formation in pelvic area resulting in distortion of tubo-ovarian anatomy.


Are there any symptoms of tubal block?


Usually there are no symptoms due to blocked fallopian tube and it is only during investigations for infertility that blocked fallopian tubes are diagnosed. However in certain patients, there might be fluid in fallopian tubes causing hydro-salpinx. In these patients there might be symptoms of persistent pain in lower abdomen or continuous discharge per vaginum.


How are blocked fallopian tubes diagnosed?


To diagnose fallopian tubes blockage Hysterosalpingography or HSG is the most common imaging technique used. Other techniques which can be used are sonosalpingography or SSG or HyCoSy technique.

The Gold standard to diagnose and treat fallopian tubes is through diagnostic laparoscopy.


When do you need IVF with blocked tubes?


If by laparoscopy it is seen that there is extensive damage to fallopian tubes, it is advised to proceed with assisted reproductive treatments or IVF. In patients with fallopian tubal block, usually high success rate in IVF treatment is achieved.

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