Assisted Hatching

Assisted Hatching

Assisted Hatching

There are certain techniques which if used correctly might increase IVF success rates. One of them is assisted hatching. In This process the outer hard layer of embryo called zona pellucida is partially opened by laser or acid to help improve ivf pregnancy and implantation rates.

Why is assisted hatching done ?

For an embryo to implant it should break free of its protective layer or zona and then implant in the uterus. In a certain subset of patients with hard outer layer embryo is not able to break free and hence results in failure of implantation or IVF failure.

Is assisted hatching needed in all patients?

No it is beneficial for only a subset of patients like patients more than 38 years of age, previous ivf failures to name a few.

Can assisted hatching damage my embryos?

For any process involving manipulation of embryos, skill of embryologist is foremost. If done properly with skilful hands, risk of damage is minimal. There is a small risk of identical twins with assisted hatching.

Do I need assisted hatching to improve my pregnancy rates?

Need for a particular treatment depends on a lot of factors. Please consult with Dr Prerna Gupta online or at clinic to get the expert advice. Connect with us at 9910724959 or drprernaaiims@gmail.com.