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Should you take IVF injections in morning or evening?

Posted Feb 10, 2020

When you are undergoing IVF, you want to do everything right. You want to give yourself the maximum chances of pregnancy. So one question which is frequently asked is whenever you should take your IVF injection in the morning or evening? Which time gives the best results?

To answer this question simply, first, we need to understand the injection used in IVF.

1)    Stimulation Injections – Commonly these injections are used to stimulate ovaries. The drugs used are either recombinant FSH or HMG (Human menopausal gonadotropin).

2)    Antagonist Injection – These injections are given to prevent premature rupture of eggs.

These injections are the ones most commonly used in IVF. Coming to stimulations medicines, research has shown that, there is no difference in pregnancy rates when stimulation injections are taken in the morning or evening. However, in antagonist injections, it has been seen that if we have taken them in the late evening daily, we can skip it on the day of trigger and hence decrease the cost of our IVF cycle.

However, whether you take your injections in the morning or evening, the most important thing to remember is that to never forget them and take them around the same time of day.

Best of luck for your IVF treatment journey.

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