PCOS Treatment India | Dr. Prerna Gupta

1- What does PCOS mean?

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a complex disease manifesting as an irregular cycle or excessive hair growth or infertility. It is one of the most common diseases in women in today’s age. It is a metabolic disorder with varied manifestations.

2- How PCOS diagnosed?

PCOS is diagnosed using Rotterdam criteria, which are:-

  1. Irregular cycles
  2. The excessive hair growth or hair fall (excessive male hormone)
  3. Ultrasound showing polycystic ovaries

3- Does PCOS cause infertility?

Yes PCOS is an important cause of infertility in India. As in patients with polycystic ovaries.

Eggs are not released in a body on time every month, Pregnancy does not occur. So, PCOS patients suffer from an anovulation or oligo ovulation.

4- How is PCOS treated?

There is no cure for PCOS. By using PCOS treatments we can relieve symptoms like no egg formation or irregular cycles, but the disease remains.

5-How can I get pregnant with PCOS?

As in PCOS, eggs are not forming; a treatment called ovulation induction in which drugs are given to form eggs can be used to help you get pregnant. Also, a variety of lifestyle modifications increases your chances of getting pregnant faster.

These include:-

  1. Regular Exercise
  2. Healthy diet
  3. Weight reduction
  4. Avoid smoking/alcohol
  5. Low carbohydrate inhale
  6. Increase green leafy vegetable/fruit in the diet

6- Do I need to get Surgery done for PCOS?

There is no need for laparoscopy or any surgery to diagnose PCOS. In case you are not responding to drugs for egg formation, your doctor might prescribe laparoscopic ovarian drilling. However, Dr. Prerna Gupta, with the judicious use of oral drugs & injections to form eggs has never felt the need for surgery in PCOS patients. Get the best PCOS treatment by specialist Dr. Prerna Gupta in Delhi, India

7- What are the drugs used in PCOS?

Depending on your individual case, variety of ovulation-inducing drugs like clomiphene,

Tamoxifen, letrozole, etc, can be used also if you are not responding to oral drugs injection like Recombinant, FSH or HMG (human menopausal gonadotropin).

Adjuvant drugs like metformin or myoinositol are also used in the case to case basis.

8- Do all PCOS patients require IVF or in vitro fertilization?

NO, not at all, As in PCOS patients eggs are not Forming Simple drugs which form eggs can alleviate infertility. Eighty percent (80%) patients conceive by oral drugs only. IVF is only needed if there are associated tubal disease, male partner problem or failure of multiple cycles of ovulation induction, there might be a need for IVF treatment.