New Technologies

New Technologies

New Technologies

As the science advances, new technologies play a major role in improving IVF success day by day. Some of the advancemants in the last 4-5 cycles which have resulted in high ivf success rates are :-

1.  All Freeze cycle

One major advance which has revolutionised ivf treatments is all freeze cycle . In this IVF is segmented into two parts. In the first go IVF stimulation is done, egg pick up done and embryos formed and frozen. In the next month is endometrial lining prepared and transfer done. This has resulted in achieving high pregnancy rates.


2. Blastocyst Culture

With embryos growing till blastocyst stage it is possible to select the best embryo and transfer the most suitable embryo to achieve high implantation rates. Blastocyst culture is the way forward for young patients to reduce multiple pregnancy rates and achieve high pregnancy rates.

3. Preimplantation Genetic Testing ( PGT)

in patients of advanced age or in whom recurrent implantation failure has happened PGT has come as a boon to increase pregnancy rates and decrease miscarriage risk.

4. Endometrial receptivity Array

Not in all , but in a few select patients with history of recurrent implantation failure. ERA can give us answers and improve pregnancy rates.

So do consult Dr Prerna Gupta, the best infertility specialist in Delhi-NCR to know which new technology in IVF cabn give you the high success rate.