Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms & Pregnancy

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Pregnancy

Posted Mar 19, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic looking ahead of us, there are many questions surfacing in pregnant women's minds. RCOG has recently come up with guidelines regarding coronavirus & pregnancy. Using them as a source, we will try & answer some of these questions

1. Does coronavirus cause more severe symptoms in pregnant women? 

The data to answer this question is limited. However, as per today, coronavirus does not cause more severe disease in pregnant women as compared to the general population. More severe infection is common in the elderly population or those with weak immunity. In general, coronavirus should cause mild-moderate flu symptoms in pregnant women. However, if you have a certain underlying disease like asthma or diabetes you might develop more severe disease

2. Does coronavirus affect my baby? 

There is no date at present saying that Covid - 19 can be transmitted from mother to unborn fetus. Hence at present, there is no risk of infection or miscarriage, due to it.

3. How can I prevent Coronavirus?

The most crucial thing to prevent infection is washing hands regularly or sanitizing them. Avoid public places and crowds. Do not do unnecessary travel and keep yourself hydrated.


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