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Does your gym routine affect your fertility?

Posted Nov 03, 2019

With more and more focus on healthy diet & routine exercise, we do see a lot of new generation going for fitness programmes. But everything in moderation is good and too much of anything is bad.

As has been seen by Dr. Prerna Gupta, Infertility & IVF Specialist in Delhi, too much exercise and body building can affect the health of sperm. It might be due to hormonal changes seen with exercise. Also in certain fitness programmes, steroids & protein shakes are used to increase the rate of body building. These have serious harmful side effect on sperm count and their motility and can even cause azoospermia or no sperm.

Recently a couple contacted Dr. Prerna Gupta with semen analysis report of azoospermia. On detailed history it came out husband had taken certain injection at his gym a few months back. On hormone analysis it was seen that testosterone levels were quite low. He was soon put on medications to improve testosterone levels. Few months down the line the sperm analysis started showing sperms and now they are parents to a healthy child.

But it might not always be possible to resume functions in all patients and some might need to resort to higher treatments like IVF, ICSI to achieve parenthood. 

So, if you are worried that your fertility was might be related to your exercise do consult Dr. Prerna Gupta who is the best IVF doctor in Delhi – NCR.

She is known for ethical IVF treatment in Delhi. She has high success rates in male infertility treatment.

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