best ivf doctor in delhi

How to choose the best IVF center in Delhi

Posted Nov 23, 2019

With increase in infertility in India, there has been also an increase in the infertility clinics in Delhi. When facing fertility issues it is essential to choose the best infertility centre in Delhi.

To choose best IVF doctor, 3 things you should keep in mind are:

  1. The IVF Specialist: It is important to look at academic qualifications of your doctor when choosing IVF doctor for treatment. Dr Prerna Gupta is the best IVF doctor in Delhi. She has done her graduation & postgraduation from AIIMS, New Delhi. She has been trained in the process of IVF from AIIMS, Delhi and UK. She does the best IVF treatment in Delhi with high success rates. She is known for her ethical and transparent approach.
  2. The IVF Lab: It forms an important reason for your IVF success. It is important to get your IVF cycle done from a reputed IVF lab with past track record of high success rates. Also it should be ethical transparent with readiness to share all records. Also it is important to know whether they have full time embryologist, round the clock facilities available as it can impact your procedures. At Milann Fertility which is known for good lab infrastructure, she has all facilities for IVF, ICSI, Blastocyst cultures, embryo freezing, PGS, PRP etc.
  3. IVF Cost:  Also financial expenditure remains one of the burdens of IVF treatment with hidden costs like blastocyst, freezing charges etc, it is essential to plan your finances before embarking on this journey. The cost of IVF process can range from 1.2 lakh to 1.8 lakh depending on the procedures used. Dr Prerna Gupta is known in Delhi for low cost IVF with high success rates.


So based on these 3 parameters, choose the best IVF doctor or best fertility doctor for your treatment.